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Sheba Serum, named after the Queen herself, is a lightweight but deeply hydrating serum designed to promote natural collagen production through cell turn over, lighten acne scars, and improve the overall color and texture of skin. With its lightweight consistency, this serum can be used as a primer for makeup, a beard oil, an overnight serum following the Khari Cleaser, a primer for face shaves, and even an oil for natural hair. The main ingredients of Sheba Serum are Rose Hip and Jojoba oil, you can expect to soak in nothing but nutrients your hair and skin will appreciate. Refreshing hints of tea tree oil are complimented by undertones of cedar wood and frankincense, that not only smell amazing, but help to combat inflammation caused by acne and bacteria build up in the skin. A little goes a very long way, and once you have tried Sheba Serum, you will quickly learn it is worth every drop.